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Upcoming Events
Jayati Ghosh

On the day the EU Commission unveiled the much-awaited EU Care Strategy, we published our new policy brief series authored by Prof. Jayati Ghosh.

Care work is already one of the most essential forms of human work, and is likely to become even more significant in the coming years.

Yet, it is an area that has been neglected in terms of both academic study and active policy engagement. Even now, despite the continuing pandemic, investment in care continues to be hugely underprovided, especially by governments.

In these three policy briefs, Prof. Jayati Ghosh identifies common challenges and possible good practices, whilst drawing concrete recommendations:

FEPS and partners give centre stage to a long-overseen phenomenon that deserves the fullest political relevance and attention. We have been analysing care inequalities closely since 2019 (even before the pandemic!). Discover all our work on #Care4Care!
A Job Guarantee for Europe

Pavlina Tcherneva, MEP Aurore Lalucq

As Europe faces structural unemployment, this policy brief by MEP Aurore Lalucq and Prof. Pavlina Tcherneva proposes the establishment of a public Job Guarantee for job creation in areas of unmet social need, prioritising care and environmental services.

Building on successful local initiatives, the Guarantee would reduce the significant costs and deleterious effects of unemployment while providing the labour force and public sector the capacity to tackle social and environmental challenges. Read more

This initiative was also discussed during the first event of the Employment Policy Breakfast series that took place this week: Zero Unemployment Territories.
The following represents just a small selection of all our upcoming and past events. Find out more about FEPS Autumn's busy and exciting agenda on our new website and stay tuned!
13, 15 and 20 September - Online

This week, we launched the new policy breakfast on employment. At the event Zero Unemployment Territories, we discussed the Jobs Guarantee and the pilot programmes implementing this initiative. Couldn't join us? The video is already available! 📺

📅Three more events are in the pipeline, focusing on different aspects of employment. Join us!

Across the EU, nearly 13,5 million people are unemployed. States struggle to cope with long-term, youth and low-skilled unemployment. These challenges have been exacerbated by the pandemic and will increase due to the digital and green transitions

What can the EU do
? Experts and policy-makers will present policy solutions. Join us to learn more about them and exchange with our speakers live!
21 September - FEPS Headquarters, Brussels

Following the EU care strategy presentation, FEPS, FES and CEPS are co-hosting a hybrid lunch experts seminar to discuss the ambition of the European Commission and critically assess this new initiative.

It will be the occasion to look at the various care angles (long-term care, gender equality, care receivers and givers’ well-being, and social welfare) and find ways to further social investment.

Online and in-presence attendance at this event is by registration only, you can contact for more information.

Groceries at your doorstep in less than 20 minutes. That’s the promise of a relatively new segment of the platform economy.

But little is known about the business models behind this promise, the working conditions and labour organising. Is this a substantial innovation, or is the sector relying on an unsustainable squeezing of low-paid and poorly protected workers?

In this session at the Hans-Boeckler-Stiftung's annual LABOR.A Conference, we will share and discuss early insights from the research being carried by FEPS and Uni Europa.
7 September - FEPS Headquarters, Brussels

This week, FEPS hosted a group of students from Germany to discuss the EU fiscal future. It is important that we raise public awareness in this regard in order to make fiscal matters more accessible.

ith Fiscal Future, Finance Watch, Youth Forum, the PES & the European Environmental Bureau, we had a fresh look at the potential transformation of the EU economic governance.

FEPS Secretary General LΓ‘szlΓ³ Andor is interviewed in this Euronews piece on energy and poverty by Sandor Zsiros.

(...) "Now, the time might have come for universal basic services to roll out services which make the situation manageable for the most vulnerable social groups. Heating is one critical area where some kind of intervention is necessary. It can vary country from country to country."Β  Read More

This week, FEPS had the pleasure of hosting a delegation of Brazilian civil society organisations which are on tour across Europe to meet prominent and influential European actors. The exchange touched upon the current challenges of Brazil’s democracy. Check the Flickr album!

This week, FEPS President Maria JoΓ£o Rodrigues
and Secretary General LÑszló Andor met with the Deputy Secretary General of NATO, Mircea Geoană.

They discussed NATO and FEPS' strategic priorities and assessed the current situation related to the war in Ukraine, Europe, and the world.
The war-price spiral
by LΓ‘szlΓ³ Andor

The combination of an economic downturn and rapidly rising inflation is a new experience for most Europeans. The Covid-19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war produced unprecedented disruptions, or as economists would say: a shock on both the supply and demand sides.

And, as the holiday season kicked in, a forceful tightening of monetary policy signalled that a new chapter has begun. The interpretation of this move is critical for defining the direction of progressive policy action (...) Read More

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